EP 42: Feel Good in Your Body so You Can Crush it in Your Business with Bridgitte Mallinson

Jul 11, 2023
EP 42- School for Small Business Podcast


Today we are speaking to the woman who is ready to invest in her own health so she can feel great and so that her business can really take off! Is that you? 

Meet registered dietician and thriving online entrepreneur, Bridgitte Mallinson!

Your are at the intersection of your health and your wealth. If you don’t feel good in your body you can’t crush it in your business. Does it feel like the right time to invest in your foundation and in your health? We hope this conversation inspires you today to make little micro-adjustments in your business and in your health care. Get a health or functional medicine mentor, take Bridgitte’s quiz, nourish yourself with supplements and start feeling better!

Topics we cover:

  • 4:55 - High achieving women struggle with their health and getting answers to their questions. This is why Bridgitte has committed her purpose and passion to helping women on their health journeys. 
  • 7:02 - Bridgitte’s free health assessment quiz. 
  • 25:44 - Moving from a service-based business to product-based business.
  • 29:20 - Getting funding and collaborating with investors in your small business. Bridgette’s tip: work with investors who trust your gut.
  • 15:53 - Fine-tuning your marketing voice your business means your not for everybody. Listen in to find out why Bridgitte focuses her marketing on women, even though her product works for men too. 


Thanks for turning in to learn how to have an advantage in your business, access your intuition and scale your business, all thanks to a healthy body!

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