EP 45: Showing up as an Authority

Aug 01, 2023
EP 45- School for Small Business


Reflecting on your business during the slower times in your life and really using that in-between space is very important in allowing your business to run as smoothly as possible. Recently while doing some of my own reflection, I thought about how I have been sharing my journey with all of you over the last year and a half. 


The process of growing a small business requires a lot of learning from the people and experiences around you, and this is the part of my business that I shared the most. During my growth, I would point out role models I had around me. While it’s important to share this part of the journey, I was ultimately diverting people away from my knowledge and advice and pointing them at my role models to learn from instead. Even as a growing business, I still had good advice and knowledge to share, but I needed to change my approach and show up as an authority. 


Topics I cover:


1:46 - Using your slower time to allow ideas and reflections to come to you will greatly improve your business.


2:31 - I have been sharing my journey over the last year and a half. 


8:07 - In the way that I was presenting my journey, I made a mistake. I forgot to show up as the authority.


9:40 - How are you showing up as an authority? 


While it’s easier to share your journey as a learner, we need to present ourselves as authorities. You have the skill set and knowledge required, so there is no need for imposter syndrome or self doubt. Show up and be the leader that you are!  


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