EP 47: I Learned These 6 Lessons the Hard Way. Take My Advice!

Aug 01, 2023
EP 47- School for Small Business


After losing myself and my presence when starting my new business, I took some time to surround myself with other entrepreneurs and people involved in business. Being in these rooms again and sharing my ideas brought back my confidence and authority that I had once lost. Helping others in their business and sharing my knowledge really allowed me to gain the presence that I once had. 


Because of this love of helping and guiding people along in their businesses, today I will be sharing some of the biggest pieces of advice that came up in these conversations. This advice will hep you grow and strengthen your business in a very doable way. 


Topics I cover: 


3:05 - Every single person struggles or has a struggle, but the decided factor is whether or not you are defeated by the struggle. 


4:32 - It’s important to talk to people and learn from people in person.  


8:07 - You need to understand marketing and what will work best for your business. 


15:17 - Understanding your business’ financials is very important. 


17:30 -  Don’t be scared to ask for the sale.


19:31 - Really understand what your capacity is and don’t take on too much. 


The advice that I’m sharing today is the same advice I give to other entrepreneurs, clients, and anyone working in business. Take advantage of this advice and let us know what your big take-aways were on social media.  



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