EP 51: These 2 Surprising Things Are All You Need to Know to Run Your Business

Sep 07, 2023
EP 51- Small Business School


We are back in the closet with another solo episode today! I was so struck with inspiration that I just knew I needed to let you all in on this tip. There are only two things that you need to know how to do in business, and they aren’t what you think they are. 

These two things are necessary for you to run your business properly, so what are they? The first one is being able to bring in money. The second one is being able to keep the money. Each of these concepts play a big part in keeping your business afloat and thriving. 

Topics I cover:

1:27 - We think that because we do our skill well, then we are guaranteed to run our business well. This is a myth. There are two conditions that actually lead to a successful business.

4:35 - You knowing your industry does not define your business, it might differentiate us, but it will not drive a successful business. Using marketing and successful business strategies is what will lead to success. 

7:23 - Understanding strategically how to keep money in the business is very important. 

8:46 - In marketing, the focus is much more on different tactics and less on key elements that are necessary for your business to be marketed. We do not always understand what our marketing plan is. 

9:57 - We need to spend more time defining what our brand is about and really understanding where our customers are. 

These two things are absolutely necessary to running and sustaining a successful business. Go to my website to download my free resource that helps you understand how to run your business and if you’re still unsure, reach out to a business expert. Having a clear business strategy is important for us to have and to keep top of mind to avoid getting distracted in a world full of distractions. 

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