Ep. 59: Strategically Leading Your Business Through War Time

Oct 03, 2023
EP 59-- The Small Business School Podcast


After visiting clients the other day and sitting in on some of their meetings, I noticed a lot of the problems they were facing were problems that also applied to other businesses. Even though each of our businesses are unique, our problems tend to arise from the same necessities in business. Due to these similarities, I decided to compile a list of suggestions to share with you of how to fix a few of these issues. 

Running a business can be tough and there are a lot of difficult decisions that you have to make. Yes I see you and yes it’s hard, but I want to challenge you to take this advice to improve your business. These potent pieces of business advice will help you care for your people, your foundations, and your customers to strategically grow your business. 


Topics I cover: 

1:29 - It doesn’t matter what size your business is, we all face similar issues. Our foundation never changes; there are just bigger problems as your business grows. 


4:52 - There are different things that you do, leadership wise, when the business is in war time versus peace time. 


9:12 - You need to be strategic about your business growth.  


Invest in leadership, invest in relationships with customers, and know your finances, so that whatever your goal is, you are a lot more sure that you’re going to hit it than just hoping that you get there. You have what it takes to lead your business in the right direction. Reach out to me on social media if anything stuck out to you. I’d love to hear all your great thoughts!


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